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Our expertise spans all aspects of the Payment and Finance industries: establishing, managing, and advancing various businesses from inception to success. We offer proficiency in Finance, Credit Card, and maintenance, as well as deep knowledge in the Payment industry. Additionally, we foster a nationwide network of buyers and sellers in the Payment sector.

Are you in search of a payment processing business for sale? If you’re selling your Payment Business and need a complimentary valuation, begin here.

Interested in launching a Payment Business? Explore our comprehensive guide to kickstarting your own venture in the Payment industry and launching credit card payments.

We’ve established the benchmark in the industry for valuation, acquisition, divestiture, and the development and expansion of Payment businesses. If you require assistance within the Payment industry realm, count on our expert support.

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Are you looking to buy an Payment business? Running your own Payment business can afford you freedoms within business ownership that most other businesses cannot.  Whether you are seeking a large, well-established Credit Card Business or a business with passive income, or consulting guidance in order to build a Payment business from the ground up, we have the information required to assist you throughout the buying or building process.


Are you looking to sell an Payment Business ?  Payment Brokerage will act as your professional intermediary when you are ready to sell your Payments Business. We will serve as your consultant and industry expert as we work together to build a detailed sales presentation, which will highlight the value of your business.  Utilizing our industry experience and expertise we will fully support both buyer and seller through a smooth transition post closing.


“Payment Brokerage simplified everything for me when deciding which company to purchase my first business this past August.  The communication is great because I can even text them when I have a quick question which helps because you feel the relationship form rather than reaching out to a customer service or sales agent. ”

“With many months of research and asking countless questions to other small businesses I found  Payment Brokerage was the best. Payment Brokerage is extremely fast with their response time. They had spent countless hours helping me research, answering questions about the business, all the way down to finding the right attorney”

“We have loved working with Payment Brokerage.  They have always been responsive and willing to help whatever the situation. ”

“John recently sold a portion of my Payment business.  He is very professional and a pleasure to work with. His experience in the Payment industry as a former operator in the business, along with successfully brokering many business sales proved to be tremendously helpful throughout the sales process.  I will turn to John again when the time comes to sell the remainder of my Business.”

“I contacted John to assist me in selling my Payment business. he has a deep understanding of the industry and was able to not only get me my asking price quickly but was additionally instrumental in helping with the transfer to the new owners. I would highly recommend John Sosville for Payment Business Sales, he is a professional and results oriented.”

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